Two EPR™ reactors at EDF's Hinkley Point

The EPR™ reactor, the first of a new generation in the UK.

AREVA has passed a decisive step for the sale of two EPR™ reactors in the UK, signing with EDF Energy a series of agreements. AREVA will take a 10% stake in the Hinkley Point C project and has signed letters of agreement for the supply of the nuclear steam supply system (NSSS), the instrumentation & control (I&C) system. AREVA will also supply fuel over a long period.

  • Two EPR™ reactors at EDF's Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant
  • Contract


    Customer: NNB GenCo - a consortium composed of EDF group, CGN (China General Nuclear Corporation), CNNC (China National Nuclear Corporation), AREVA and other potential investors.

    AREVA Supply scope: Two EPR units Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS), safety Instrumentation and Control Systems as well as fuel supply.

    Net electric output: 2 x 1,600 MWe

    Reactor thermal output: 4,500 MWth

  • Customer


    For the project, NNB GenCo plans to construct two nuclear power plants based on EPR technology at the Hinkley Point site, in Somerset South-Western England, with two other possible reactors at the Sizewell site in Suffolk County, in East of England.

  • History


    • July 2011: Contract signed between EDF SA and AREVA enabling AREVA to start manufacturing of the heavy forgings required for critical reactor components. NNB GenCo received consent from local authorities in Somerset to start site preparation of Hinkley Point C.
    • October 2011: NNB GenCo applied for consent to construct and operate a new NPP at Hinkley Point from the UK’s Infrastructure Planning Commission.
    • November 2012: Nuclear Site License (NSL) granted.
    • December 2012: Full DAC (Design Acceptance Confirmation) and full SoDA (Statement of Design Acceptability) awarded.
    • March 2013: Secretary of State for Energy, Ed Davey, granted a Development Consent Order to EDF Energy to build and operate HPC and associated development
    • October 21, 2013: AREVA signed a series of agreements setting the terms of the partnership for the construction of the two reactors at Hinkley Point with EDF, CGN and CNNC.
  • Supply scope


    AREVA will be involved in all activities related to the UK EPR Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) project:

    • Design and procurement.
    • Erection and commissioning.
    • Digital control system:
         - Safety Instrumentation and Control (I&C),
         - NSSS operational I&C engineering,
         - Simulator for safety I&C.

    NNB GenCo is responsible for overall project management.
    EDF is the Responsible Designer.
    Bouygues TP/Laing O’Rourke is the Civil Work supplier and Alstom is the Turbine Island supplier.

  • Supply chain


    Fifty British companies have been identified as potential suppliers being integrated into a globally qualified industrial supply chain.

    A Co-operation Agreement has been signed between AREVA and Rolls Royce for Rolls Royce to supply equipment and services for the two units at HPC, as well as for any other future EPR projects.

    MOUs between AREVA and 25 UK-based companies have been signed to supply equipment.

    Main primary equipment work:

    • Forgings: AREVA Manufacturing Platform Burgundy, France and Japan Steel Works (JSW) in Muroran, Japan.
    • Reactor pressure vessel, steam generators and pressurizer: AREVA Manufacturing Platform Burgundy, France.
    • Reactor coolant pumps and control rod drive mechanisms: AREVA Manufacturing Platform Jeumont, France.
  • Resources

    AREVA project resources

    • AREVA project resources:

    At the current stage, forgings are already being manufactured and several hundred engineers are working on the project. AREVA will have up to 500 people at the site during construction.

    • Construction site employees:

    At the height of construction, 5,600 people will be mobilized and in the operational phase 900 permanent employees will be needed at Hinkley Point.

  • Key Milestones

    Key milestones

    Since 2011, a series of contracts – Early Works Agreements – have been signed between EDF and AREVA addressing the basic design related to the NSSS of the two units and the manufacture of forgings for the first of the two EPR reactors.

    The NSSS construction phase is subject to a Final Investment Decision (FID) to be taken by EDF mid-2014. The first Concrete Date is scheduled for the end of 2016, leading to a Commercial Operation Date for the first unit before the end of 2024.

  • Licensing Process

    Licensing process

    The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) granted a full Design Acceptance Confirmation and the Environment Agency (EA) a full Statement of Design Acceptability in December 2012, concluding that they are satisfied with both the design and the safety of the EPR. To date, the EPR design is the only generation 3 design to be certified in UK.

    In November 2012, NNB GenCo (EDF Energy subsidiary) was granted a Nuclear Site License.