AREVA’s Renewable offer in the UK


A world leader in nuclear energy, AREVA is resolutely committed to implementing solutions for low-carbon energy production. It is a matter of responding to the planet's essential requirements in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing energy to the largest number of people.

AREVA’s renewable activities are at the heart of the group’s industrial strategy. The group offers its customers high-technology solutions in the field of offshore wind, bioenergy, concentrated solar power and energy storage.

With a 2012 turnover of 572 million euros and orders reaching 844 million euros at year-end, AREVA is a major actor in the worldwide renewable energies market.

A proven technology and industrial experience to foster offshore wind development in the UK

AREVA’s M5000 is the first 5 MW turbine specifically designed for offshore wind projects. Robust, light and compact, it is designed to withstand the constraints and severe conditions of the marine environment. With a first prototype installed in 2004 and 4 years of operations at sea, on the German pilote site of alpha ventus, the AREVA M5000 has proven its efficiency and reliability. Serial production has been reached and 120 wind turbines will be installed at sea by 2014. A key experience to contribute to the development of one of the biggest markets in Europe: the United Kingdom.

The Government has awarded development licences for the creation of nine offshore wind projects with a total output of 32 GWe – the largest programme in the world. In the UK, AREVA is actively tendering to supply turbines for Round 3 To supply the M5000 in Northern UK, AREVA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Scottish Enterprise for development of an industrial site in the East of Scotland to manufacture nacelles and blades.

AREVA’s site in Scotland bolsters the group’s strategy of responding to European demand for offshore wind thanks to three leading industrial sites: in Bremerhaven, Germany, in Le Havre, France, and in Scotland. This industrial network will cover all of Europe’s key markets: the North Sea, the Baltic, the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the territorial waters of Scotland and the Atlantic seaboard.

AREVA UK’s Memberships

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Outpacing the competition

Rapid growth of the offshore Wind Power market is opening the potential for higher penetration by new players like AREVA. The fragmented Bioenergies market comprises mainly local, mid-sized firms, but we stand out as the only player with an integrated offer of standardized solutions.

Committed to satisfying customers

We work continually to advance progress on new technologies and solutions. To create value for our customers, we leverage the field-tested expertise and extensive experience of AREVA nuclear activities.

Our business model is in constant evolution to meet the growing, changing needs of our customers. We also help customers secure financing which is key for the development of their projects.

These partnerships are possible only if we deliver high-caliber projects to our customers on time. In everything we do, we strive to:

  • Deliver results
  • Respect and value people
  • Excel in customer service
  • Demonstrate integrity and accountability